Friday, October 28, 2011

Transformers Bumblebee Cake

Hey everyone!  So this week, I got to make a cake for one of my favorite people... my nephew is turning 4!  He is such a "boy" and loves action movies and especially Transformers!  So naturally, he had to have a Transformers cake for his birthday party.  I can't wait to bring it to him!
The Bumblebee figure- I purchased.  I looked at countless photo's to see if I could simplify it enough to try and model one... but it just wouldn't look as cool!  If I had 2 weeks to work on just the figure, I might have been able to do it... but with my busy schedule, it just wasn't happening.  Besides, now he'll have a toy to play with after the party.  Besides, since this was not a "for sale" cake, and I purchased the toy I think I'm safe with any copyright issues. 

Besides the toy, everything else (besides the wires in the stars and the straws in the cake- wires should not touch cake), is edible/fondant.  I added disco dust to the black on the stars to make it a little sparkly.
I tried to make the top of the cake look like torn metal, like Bumblebee had just ripped through the top of the cake... I actually patted myself on the back on this one!  I put a small circle of black fondant down on top of the cake before I rolled out/covered with the yellow fondant.  Then, when I rolled out the yellow fondant, I added a small circle of black fondant to the underside and rolled it in... I dusted the black circle (already attached to the cake) with cornstarch so it wouldn't stick.  Covered my cake as normal, making sure the black fondant I rolled to the underside of the yellow was appropriately placed... then after my fondant was smoothed, etc... I poked a small hole with a knife, and used my small scissors to cute back the fondant and make small cuts to make it look jagged.  Then just shaped it a little.  Voila, instant torn metal and no seems!  I sprayed the black fondant with pearl spray (Americolor airbrush color) to make it look metallic.  I impressed myself with the effect!
I cut the Autobot logo out of black fondant, and also sprayed those with the pearl spray.  I though it would look cool to make it metallic instead of just flat black.  It was tricky getting the pieces sprayed and on the cake with the color drying enough to handle and the black not so dry it would crack.  I think it worked out OK, I got a few finger prints in a few spots, but brushed them to make it kind of look like beat-up metal.  *I used piping gel for the writing, I didn't feel like mixing up a batch of royal icing (what I typically would use) just for the small amount I needed.  The gel bled a little overnight in the fridge... oh, well... you live and you learn! 

Overall, I am thrilled with this cake.  I think it looks really cool... and even though I strayed from my mission to use only edible pieces on my cakes (for the sake of the toy), I think my nephew is going to be beyond happy with it!

Happy Caking :)


  1. it's gorgeous! if i was your nephew i might be more interested in watching it than eating it! lol

  2. Wow! A Bumblebee cake! I love how Bumblebee looked like he freed himself from the cake. You did a splendid job with the cake design. You're definitely an expert when it comes to baking cakes, and it shows in your work. =)

  3. Incredible! Will definitely give this a try for my 5 year old this year. He has challenged me with making a "Bumblebee the Transformer" Cake. LOL, he has to define it as a Transformer, because some people get confused with it being an actual Bumble Bee!

  4. Love the effect you did with the fondant! I have a question though: does this mean you put fondant cakes in your home refrigerator? Does that firm them up for you? I live in Virginia and am concerned that the humidity in my fridge will make my fondant gummy, but if it works for you I might try it...

    1. Hi Kristina! This cake was for my nephew so I did make it at home and kept it in my home fridge. I live in New Hampshire, it's not especially humid here, but not a terribly dry climate either... I know there are people who never put fondant in the fridge but I always refrigerate my cakes and haven't had a problem (knock on wood!). I do occasionally get some condensation on the surface, but as long as you don't touch anything until it dries the moisture evaporates just fine.

  5. This cake is gorgeous, I'm going to attempt to make it for my nephew this weekends for his 6th birthday. I hope mine looks as good as yours. Wish me luck :-)

  6. wow amazing!! I am going to try and make this one for my nephew to (4jrs and loves bumblebee). thank you for the inspiration. I hope I will do as good as you :-)

  7. This cake is FANTASTIC!! My grandson is turning 5 in May and is having a Transformers B-Day party; but he LOVES Bumblebee. I would love to get the Bumblebee for the top of his cake. Can you tell me where to purchase it please? I hope his cakes looks this spectacular!

  8. Wau it´s gorgeous! I love it! You made the bubblebee from fondant? Can I ask for tutorial? My son loves Transformers too. Maybe I will do it for him for birthsday party :)

  9. I love the cake and hope to make it for my son. I will modify it to match "Ratchet" (a green and black Transformer), so hopefully it will be as nice as yours. I'm happy to send you a photo of it when it is complete if you would like. Thanks for sharing and allowing us to learn from you. Until I get better at some of the unusual techniques in cake designing, I am appreciative of others who are willing to share their design and give us pointers on how to make it. Thanks Renee.