Wednesday, April 10, 2013

CakeMasters: A new instruction platform!

Hello Everyone!

Okay, so I've been harping about my love for Craftsy for a while now... so you MAY be sick of hearing cake classes... BUT, I just found out about a brand new platform and feel compelled to tell you all about it!

I got a newsletter from Petalsweet... I love Jacqueline Butler and think she is such an amazing sugar artist.  I usually read her newsletter, see all the wonderful places that she will be teaching- that are not at all near me :(  I've had the pleasure of taking her Handcrafted Sugar Flowers class on Craftsy.   I really loved the class... it teaches hydrangea, filler blossoms and leaves.  You can see what I created from the class here!  Honestly, I probably only tried the class in the first place because I'm such a fan of Jacquelines's!

If you want to take Jacqueline's Craftsy class, it is still available for purchase... however it is "student led" meaning Jacqueline no longer answers questions or monitors comments.  She left Craftsy to move on to some other projects... which is why, in my Petalsweet newletter she announced her class/upcomming classes on CakeMasters!  Similar to Craftsy, CakeMasters offers an array of online cake courses taught by well-known sugar artists!

So far they don't have a ton to offer, a lot of basic classes and some figures.  But Jacqueline has a video demonstrating her beautiful gardenia, buds and leaves!  The prices are in AUD... and averages aboug $19.95 AUD but that converts to $21.00 USD, so it's still a great deal!  There are several different price points depending on the classes... but the more advanced ones seem to be about the same cost.

As much as I love Jaqueline and her flowers, I think the first class I am going to try is one by Kaysie Lackey.  You can view her demonstration of a four-point bow for free!  But, I love her famous "Klimt Cake," and guess what, she has a class demonstrating the technique here!  Kaysie is the owner of The Peoples Cake... another artist that I am a huge fan and avid follower of!
Well, I know I owe you some tutorials, recipe or pictures of my creations!  I have a few things planned in the next few weeks... keep your eyes peeled!

Happy Caking :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Announcing new Craftsy Classes!

Hello everyone!  And Happy Monday!  Okay, so most people aren't all that excited about Monday's... but us cake decorators/bakers, it's our slow day!  But, we're even... because on Friday's when everyone is like "wahoo, it's Friday!" or "TGIF," cake decorators everywhere are hunkering down to finish cakes for the weekend.  Anyway, I digress...

Happy Monday everyone!

I'm excited because I've picked out the next Craftsy classes I'm going to take!  If you aren't familiar with Craftsy, I highly recommend you check them out.  You can take all kinds of craft courses online.  I've already taken quite a few, and I have to get caught up on my reviews!  But, I've seen a couple of new ones posted that I'm excited about!

The first is How to Start a Cake Business.
Retail Price: $39.99
You Save: $10.00

Now, I do have a cake business... but I'm always looking for business advice and ideas to grow my business... or even just ideas to make sure it runs efficiently.  And because this industry is such a fast growing one, it's a topic that I've found lots of other cake decorators/bakers looking for advice for.  If you frequent Cake Central, then you are probably familiar with the countless posts asking other members for business advice.  I am so excited that Craftsy has made this class and I cannot wait to check it out!  Be sure to look for the review to follow soon!

The other new class I am excited about is How to Teach it.
Retail Price: $39.99
You Save: $10.00

I already do tutorials on my YouTube channel.  But, I'm always looking for ways to improve how I present things.  And I've also found a venue near me where I could potentially hold hands-on classes!  But teaching a real life class is much different that putting together a relatively short demonstration of how to do things!  I'm also not great at coming up with ideas for things to teach/demonstrate!  So, I am hoping that this class will be a great tool for me to grow as a teacher!

As soon as I have completed these courses I'll post my thoughts/reviews.  But, until then, take a look at other Craftsy classes that I've already reviewed!

I didn't decorate any cakes over the holiday weekend, so I don't have any new creations to share... but I did enlist my son and nephew to decorate cakes for me.  So you can check them out working on their masterpieces!

UPDATE: Craftsy just announced their "Spring Sale."  From today, April 5th through Monday, April 8th they will have a different set of classes on sale for up to 75% off each day!

Happy Caking :)