Thursday, September 13, 2012

Succulent Cake!

I know I've been MIA for a while, again!  I've been lucky enough to enjoy a very busy summer, both with business and family events.  So, now I get to play a little catch up. 

Today, I'm posting a cake I made back in August.  A friend ordered it from me for her sister's bridal shower.  I've been wanting to make gumpaste succulents for over a year now and she was using succulents as a decoration for the shower, so naturally I designed the cake around them! 
 We decided to go for a simple, clean and modern look.  The succulents became the focus, a grouping of 3, so as not to overwhelm the petite cake.  The bottom layer is an 8" round that is about 6" tall and the top is a 6" round about 4" tall.  I thought the differences in tier height would add some interest without adding design "clutter."

I am SO happy with how my succulents came out... I definitely intend to film a tutorial ASAP!  It fit in so well with the beautiful room that my friend designed for the shower!  I'm so happy that my little cake got to play a part!

Thanks for looking!
*Sorry, the pictures aren't the greatest... I forgot to bring my camera that day (of all days!) and had to suffice with the camera on my phone!

Happy Caking :)


  1. Renee, that's beautiful! Great job! I've actually never seen this type of flower before so I learned something new. Now let me teach you something - don't apologize. The pictures are beautiful and no one would know otherwise. You are pointing out your own imperfections. Let people think your spectacular! Now if someone/something had photo bombed and those were the only shots, then I would understand :-) Love the brushed on color on the edges!

  2. I've nominated you for an Inspiring Blog Award - Congratulations!

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