Monday, March 25, 2013

Moroccan Themed (Baby Shower) Cake!

Hey there!  I have another cake to share!  This cake was for a Moroccan themed baby shower!  My client wanted a beautiful, elegant cake that didn't scream "baby shower."  I was sent this link as inspiration: A Fabulous Moroccan Baby Shower.  If you checked out the link, then you'll know why I got excited about designing this cake!  Look at all the fun, vibrant colors!

After a minor adjustment to they type of flowers I would use... I came up with this final sketch.

And.... this is the completed cake!
... I love it!
The top tier was inspired by the gold headdress I saw in the inspiration photos.... I piped the chain with royal icing and made the little charms from fondant.
Rather than red roses, we went with a less formal, golden yellow, "fantasy" fashion flower.  I used my peony cutters and embossed the petals with a "Moroccan-esque" pattern.  The flowers were dusted with gold luster dust and the edges of the petals painted with 24k gold dust/paint!

 My favorite part of working on this cake (well at least one of my favorites) was painting everything gold!!
This cake was so much fun to design and to work on.  I really love how it came out! I love the fun colors, the gold detail and the pretty flowers!

Thanks for taking a look at my photos... I hope you were inspired!

Happy Caking :)


  1. Love it what gold did you use a highligher or dust please message back

    1. You can use the dust as paint by adding a couple drops of lemon juice and it works great! Hope this helps :)

  2. Beautiful! I love the entire design and can really appreciate it even more looking over your sketch and initial ideas.

  3. Wow!!!I just stumbled across your cake and I'm so happy that I did!!! Can you please tell me where you found that stamp that was used in the middle tier? I'm thinking about making a Moroccan themed cake and I would love to use a stamp like that :-) thanks!!-Michelle