Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gumpaste Hibiscus Video Tutorial!

Alright, I know I've been terrible about my blog posts and youtube videos in the past few months!  I apologize and my intention is to be back to posting regularly!
For my first post since my "hiatus" I made a (much requested) tutorial for Gumpaste Hibiscus Flowers.  After my post with the Hibiscus Baby Shower Cake I made at the beginning of the summer, I had quite a few people ask if I had or if I could make a tutorial... so viola!

I had to split this into 2 parts because it was too long to upload, but I didn't want to rush or skip past anything.  Despite the length of the tutorial these flowers are pretty easy to make and don't require a whole lot of special tools.  I do use a Hibiscus cutter, but you can probably use a tear drop, or rose petal cutter and just role out the tapered end to elongate it (as mentioned in the video).  All in all, I think this is a good flower for a beginner who wants to make something impressive!



Supplies I used in this video:
  • pre-colored gumpaste (hibiscus come in a wide variety of vibrant colors!)
  • rolling pin
  • hibiscus petal cutter (by Creative Cutters)
  • gumglue (I used gumpaste dissolved in water)
  • a 4"-5" 26 gauge wire
  • a thin or dense foam pad
  • ball tool
  • plastic to cover cut outs... 
  • and a jar and piece of foil to create a flower former
*If you are interested in purchasing flower formers like the ones I mentioned in my video, they are called CelFormers and are made by Cel Cakes.  You can find them at a specialty cake supplies store or you can find them on Amazon here.

I hope you found this helpful!!

Happy Caking :)


  1. What petal cut outs did you use for your flower? Thank you.

    1. Hi! I bought the Hibiscus Cutter set by Creative Cutters at my local cake supply shop. They have it listed on Global Sugar Art, but I just checked and it is out of stock, if you want to wait, they usually restock items regularly. You can also buy direct from Creative Cutter's website: I think this is the one I have, although I don't know if I would call it "mini" but it is on the small side. You can probably use tear drop cutters for this as well...

  2. where did you purchase the leaf veiner?

  3. hi,, just visit this site,, have a nice day :)