Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pretty Pink Christening Cake

Is occurred to me today, that I neglected to post pictures of this cake!  In my last post (How to Create a Quilted Pattern) I had one pic in the video! 

So, here is the rest of the cake for you all to see!
They are 8" and 6" rounds!
I was really happy with how this cake came out :)
I made the cross out of gumpaste... I had sketched a design, put wax paper over it and matched up "logs" of gumpaste to my pattern.
Simple little gumpaste blossoms, in various sizes, give it a cute feminine touch!
 A fondant ribbon wraps the base of each tier, with a fondant bow... painted with super pearl, so pretty! Love it!

 Thanks for looking!  I hope this inspires you to make something beautiful!

Happy Caking :)


  1. hi Renee i like your cakes they look perfect i wish my cakes were like that.

  2. Ur cakes are amazing. I myself, like you are is a self taught cake decorater. I am a little skeptical on how to make my real designs become known to others, how did overcome that obstacle? How much do u charge for ur cakes?

    1. Hi Nika! Thank you for the wonderful compliment! I'm not quite sure if you are looking for advice on advertising your business, or just about getting your cake photo's "out there"... I have a Facebook Page, this blog, and my business website where I post pictures. If you label your pic files with search key words about the subject then Google can pic it up when someone searches. As far as advertising... I'm still a fairly new business and as a stay at home mom can only do this part time until my son is older. I advertise with Google Adwords, which you can set a $ limit to... That's the big one, and I also listed my business with a few free websites. Later, I will spend a bit more money on advertising... I charge $3.50 per serving as a base price, it goes up with the complexity of the design. I hope that answers some of you questions, feel free to email me ( you have any others!