Saturday, January 14, 2012

Monster High Themed Cake

Hey everyone!  I am so excited to be sharing my latest cake!  It's a Monster High themed cake... when I got the request I had no idea what Monster High was, but it's a new (I think) doll brand, and there is also a cartoon, I'm not sure which came first, lol...

Anyway, as soon as I Googled it, I new I was going to have fun with this cake!  The colors and patterns or bold and fun!  And the "Skullette" symbol is adorable!

Here is my initial sketch:
From the moment I completed the sketch I was excited to make this cake!  It's just so FUN!

To make all the stripes (except for the gray "stitching" on the top tier) I used my new favorite "caking" tool... My brand new extruder!  It made such easy work of all the lines involved in this plaid pattern...  I also used the tiniest circle disk to make the tiny outline of the banner on the Monster High crest.  The '6' is cut from gumpaste and covered in Disco Dust (edible glitter).
Is that not the cutest little skeleton you've ever seen!  The "Skullette" bows, both here and on the crest from the top tier are also covered with Disco Dust, I love the extra sparkle it adds to this cake :)
The stripes from the bottom tier, were also made using my new extruder - you could get the same effect with a ruler and a cutting wheel... but I must say it was SO much faster and easier with the extruder... no need for measuring and no possibility of an uneven cut!

I hope the little girl who received this cake was happy with it... because I'm totally in love with it.  I just want to sit and look at it and was so sad to see it go!  I'm SO thrilled that my niece has requested the very same cake for her birthday party next week, just from seeing the sketch!  I hoping to be able to video some of it, so I can post a video "tutorial" for this cake... Plus, I'll be attending the party, so I can look at my cake a little longer, lol!  This cake was SO much fun to work on, from sketch to finish... I hope it inspires you a little!

Products I used on this cake are:
  • Satin Ice Fondant in Black, Pink (no additional color needed for the Hot Pink color), White and White Colored with Americolor Sky Blue
  • Walnut Hollow Extruder (Makins is the more popular one amongst cake decorators, but I liked the crank, handle style of this one)
  • Twinkle Dust by GSA in Vivid Pink
  • The support system used in this cake (and all my tiered cakes) was SPS by Bakery Crafts
Happy Caking :)


  1. Your cake looks great. Love the colors. Great job.

    1. i love this cake soooooo much even im getting this cake for my birthday next week is my birthday february 18 2012

  2. I am totally inspired by your cake. I also had no idea what Moster High was until i received a cake order.

  3. love, love, love! You did an AMAZING job! I will be making this for my daughter's 7th birthday in a couple of weeks. Hopefully it looks half as good as yours :)

    Questions- how much fondant did you use for the pink and black? I am trying to decide between the 2 and 5lb containers.

    Did you freehand the skull and Monster High logo?

    What type of frosting did you use for the silver stitching?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Candace! Thank you, this was one of my favorite all time cakes to make! I actually filmed a video when I made it a 2nd time for my little cousin, but it was night time and it came out too dark!

      I just ordered 2lb containers. I use the guide by Global Sugar Art to get an estimate of what I need- It was plenty to cover my cakes and add the decorations. I think I even had enough to cover my cake board with the black (but I always have some black on hand, so I can't be certain if it all came out of the same 2lb container.

      I did not freehand the cut-outs... I print the pictures in the size that I need and then working from the outer to inner parts of the image I cut them out with an exacto knife. Something that I find helpful is to trace the outlines with a pen with the image resting on stiff foam. This creates raised lines on the underside that you can press onto the fondant to emboss your pattern. I find it easier to cut this way. It's a little more difficult on the black fondant though!

      The silver stitching is just royal icing tinted gray :)

    2. What were the sizes of the two tiers you had?

  4. Seriously FANTASTIC JOB!


  5. Such a cute cake! How much did you charge for that cake? It seems like the little fondant details would take quite some time to do.

  6. DROP DEAD GOURGOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Me encanta esta tarta!!! Genial.

    Carolina Schmilinsky

  8. hi renee, i loved the monster high cake you had made my daughter is turning 6 soon and is a big monnter high fan. i would love to know if i could get one made the only thing is i am in austrlia

  9. Hi Renee, Thanks for the knowledge. It is greatly appreciated. I, myself, do cakes as a hobby and I have just been asked to make one of these cakes. Fortunately, it is for December. The extruder is a wonderful idea. Love that so many art tools I know of can a resource to this. I maybe coming back here to get more advice. Thank you!