Monday, March 5, 2012

Blush and Ruffles Cake!

I was so excited, when a few weeks ago I was invited by 5th Avenue Weddings & Events to participate as the cake decorator at an intimate bridal show hosted in conjunction with Simply K Studios. This was my first ever bridal show so this setting was perfect!  I cannot wait to see the beautiful photo's that Simply K Studios took of the beautiful displays that 5th Avenue Weddings created!  I designed a cake (and tasting samples) that were featured on a gorgeous dessert table!

I promise to share the pictures from the event as soon as I have them, but for now here is the cake I designed for the show!
Meena (the creative mind behind 5th Avenue Weddings & Events) suggested ruffles because they are very "in" right now.  So ruffles ended up being the basis behind my design for this cake.  I love how the layers of fondant ruffles look like delicate fabric and give the cake a feminine and vintage-y look! 
I didn't want to overwhelm my little cake with too many ruffles, so the middle layer is simply adorned with fondant, fabric-looking flowers, gumpaste "jewelry," sugar pearls and dragees... 
That is not a real jewelry piece!  This is a gumpaste sugar broach I made!  I added sugar pearls and silver dragees for a little extra shine and sparkle.  The broach itself is dusted with edible "Platinum Dust" to give it a soft metallic look.  People could not believe it wasn't real :)

I had such a great time, met some beautiful brides and some really wonderful industry professionals.  What an honor it was to be included.  If you are in the CT/New England area check out:

5th Avenue Weddings & Events for your wedding planning needs.  Meena is amazingly talented and hands on... she will help you create your vision!
Simply K Studios Photography, these talented ladies take really, really beautiful and creative photographs!  They will perfectly capture all of the special moments of your wedding day.
Larissa Lake Make Up Artist & Co if you want to look a little extra stunning on your wedding day!  This team of artists specialize in photography make up, so your pictures will look flawless.  They also offer a full suite of pamper-you services for your wedding day!

Happy Caking :)


  1. You've done it again!! Wonderful does not even come close!

  2. Stopping by again just to say your cakes are really beautiful and I hope to one day be a stay at home mom and hopefully have a little more time to devote to custom cakes.

    You are one of my favorite blogs and I am happy to give you the Liebster Award. Come check it out when you get a chance.

  3. Wow! I think this is your best cake yet! (I love them all though) :)

    1. Thank you so much! I have to admit, I was really nervous about doing ruffles on the cake, I've seen them done poorly before... but I kind of love how this came out!

  4. This is absolutely stunning! A little intimidating I must admit, I have a Lonnng way to go lol .. Just incredible!