Monday, May 14, 2012

House of Anubis Cake!

I was asked to make several cakes over the past two weeks for a friend... she has two children with birthdays a week apart, and a 3rd family member that they have a joint party with.  So needless to say I've been a busy baker!  I will share all of the cakes, but first up is this House of Anubis cake!
Coming up with this design was a bit of a challenge... I have a 2 year old son... so I have no idea what any of the shows for 10 year old girls are about!  I even watched an episode of House of Anubis to try and find some inspiration.  What I gathered was that it's a British mystery show.  The show is very dark, literally... all of the colors are dark... greys, blacks, maroon...  But I think in the end I was able to capture the essence of the show in this cake.

The name "Emma" mimics the logo for the show with the eye symbol for the "A".  I added a gumpaste locket, called the "Eye of Horus" that is used in the show... and a rice cereal treat "Book of Isis" that was used in at least one episode, but they regularly do research in "old" books to solve their mysteries.  The side of the cake is stenciled to represent the "old-fashioned" decor of the boarding house where the show takes place, also reminiscent of the grey on grey damask pattern that is the background for the shows website...  and I piped on some black trees (and added some texture with a paint brush) to represent the "spooky" forest that surrounds the boarding school- as well as the shadowy trees on the background of the show's website.
The locket is gumpaste, the silver part is painted with pearl airbrush paint (I just painted it on with a paint brush) to make it look like metal.  The red "eye" is painted with gel color and vodka, I went heavy with the gel paste because I wanted it to remain shiny when it dried to look like a jewel.

It was difficult to come up with this cake design, but I am thrilled with the end result!  Thanks for looking!

Happy Caking :)


  1. Never heard of it,, but the cake is wonderful!

  2. I love the show I want that cake for my birthday :D

  3. Fantastic cake! Just been asked to make one and you're my inspiration! x