Monday, May 20, 2013

Clematis Cupcake Trellis!

I am very excited to be sharing my latest project today!

This is a cupcake display I made for a friend's baby shower over the weekend!  Her mom called me and asked me to create something for the garden themed shower.  She mentioned that she liked clematis and I ran with it!  I had actually been wanting to try making this flower for quite some time! 

Now, the challenge was figuring out how to display the cupcakes.  So naturally, I had to pick something I didn't really know if I could pull off!  But, sometimes the coolest things we do, are the ones that seem like the most difficult.  I say seem difficult, because it was actually fairly easy to put together.  I spent more time obsessing about it, than building it.... I even let my husband help me with the custom trellis construction!

The most time consuming part, to say the least was the flowers!  The trellis held a total of 42 cupcakes (21 on each side), that means 42 gumpaste clematis flowers... with 6, individually wired petals on each.  So, that's 252 individual petals... and I couldn't just leave them the flat purple color of the gumpaste I used.  Noooooo.... I had to dust each petal with a gradient of purple on the edges and give them a pinkish stripe down the center, for "dimension" and "realism." 

Lol, it was a lot of work, many late nights working on them after the kiddo was asleep.  But, in the end totally and completely worth it!  Guests at the shower didn't even realize that this was a cupcake display until the hostess made an announcement!  Then there was a lot of, "Oh!  I thought they were real!" and "Wait, you MADE these?!"  So, my mission was accomplished!  This project was definitely a few steps out of my comfort zone.  But, it ended up being much simpler than I thought.  And, if we don't challenge ourselves, how will we ever know what we are capable of?

There really are cupcakes under those flowers!  Each cupcake was sitting in a little wire hoop.  The vines and foliage were purchased artificial vines... There was NO way, i was going to have time to make a bazillion leaves n addition to all of the flowers!!

And, am patting myself on the back a little for this... I took video footage and documented the construction of my display!  So, i can put together a tutorial, materials list and measurements to share with all of you!  It is going to take me a little time, I have to find a couple of "slow" days to sit down and edit all of the clips I took... but hopefully I'll have something to post soon :)

Happy Caking :)

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  1. Absolutely incredible, that's what its all about, bringing your imagination to life! Love it!!!