Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Great Gatsby/Art Deco themed Wedding Cake!

Today, I have another favorite cake to share (every new cake I make seems to become my favorite!)...  This cake was designed and created for a beautiful Great Gatsby themed wedding!  The wedding was held at a gorgeous mansion on the Connecticut shore, I was so excited to have my cake on display in such a beautiful location!

I drew inspiration for the design from the couple's custom designed invitation and some inspirational art deco pictures they sent.
I made a custom template for the shapes from my sketch and hand cut each one!  I was very grateful that this was a square cake... the flat sides allowed me to work on the decor well in advance and not have to worry about drying anything on a curve...
...so many tiny triangles! All of the triangles were painted with silver highlighter, to add a little "bling"... it really brought the design to life!
My friend was the wedding coordinator for this event... it was her idea to use this giant mirror under the cake.  I really loved the effect and the way it bounced the natural sunlight up onto the cake.  It made all of the silver super shiny and just looked so elegant!

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my latest creation :)

Happy Caking :)


  1. I love this cake! Great presentation of theme.

  2. Love it! What is this silver highlighter pen that you speak of?

    1. Silver Highlighter is a powdered silver dust you can buy for cake decorating. If you mix it with alcohol or lemon extract you can make it into a paint, that's what I did!!

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