Friday, June 17, 2011

Cool Link for Calibrating Your Oven

Any serious baker knows that oven temperature is extremely important to the success of your recipe!  We've all probably learned the hard way that our oven is not necessarily baking at the correct temperature and by trial and error figured out how to adjust for the difference...  Well, I came across this really cool article on Cake Central and had to share!  Did you know that you can calibrate your oven temperature with SUGAR!  I didn't... but now I do!  Also, and I'm shocked that I didn't know this before... but keeping a pizza stone in your oven (on the bottom rack) will help regulate the temperature!

So, for the good of hard working ovens everywhere, check out this article and make sure YOUR oven is working properly.  If you have recipes that continually fail, it could be the temperature of you oven!

Calibrate Your Oven with Sugar, Keep Its Temperature Steady with a Pizza Stone

Happy Caking :)

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