Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm Back! Cupcakes & What I've been up to :)

Hi Everyone!  I'm so sorry about the loooong break between posts!  I have been insanely busy the past few weeks.  Here's a little of what I've been up to!

After my last post I got very busy.... making cupcakes... 210 Cupcakes for a wedding!  And we were guests at the wedding, 2 states away...  So I was also busy packing my family and packing the cupcakes, and my "emergency kit" and making Buttercream (buckets of buttercream!)...

The cupcakes were a hit, the bride and groom were incredibly grateful and the guests couldn't get enough!
This adventurous couple picked Chili Chocolate, Chai and Vanilla for their flavors.  They were all delicious, but I have to say I think the chocolate was the favorite, it certainly went the fastest!  I am not much of a "spice fan" myself, but even I thought this was a superb cupcake.  A rich chocolatey flavor with a hint of chili and at the end a kick of heat.. very exotic, very YUM!

I made the orchids using the New Wilton Gumpaste Flower Kit .  I plan on making a tutorial soon, I really love how they came out.  In fact, everyone thought they were real! 

Here is a full view of one of the stands I created (I was very proud).  It was my intention to make a photo tutorial, but it was a learning process and I didn't get pictures of all of the steps I ultimately took... Next time though, I will certainly do it!  Anyway, the stands held approximately 30 cupcakes and the catering staff kept them refreshed, but the method I used could certainly be used to make a bigger stand.

So, after a wonderful time at our friend's wedding, I was away for 2 weeks at my mother's house to babysit my nephew.  BUT, I got a lot accomplished while caring for two toddlers!  I am happy to announce I am officially the proud owner/operator of Happy Cakes by Renee, LLC!!  That's right, I finally got my business registered with my state as an LLC!  I've also gotten myself an insurance policy and one last step until I will be up and running, operating from a licensed commercial kitchen!  I can't wait, this kitchen is HUGE compared to my tiny apartment kitchen.  I am very excited to have made this progress towards growing my business.  I can't wait to make more people happy with cake!

Happy Caking :)

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