Monday, July 18, 2011


Wow, I've been a busy girl!  Last week I had two cakes to do.  While I had a moment I wanted to share at least one with you all.

This was for a joint birthday party and the design was totally up to me (love when that happens!).  I was watching the Food Network sow Aarti Party and when I saw the title design I thought it would look awesome on a cake!!
Since I've been "caking" I see patterns and designs that I can just envision in cake form.  I don't often get free reign on the design, so I really love these occasions when I can pull from my "idea box."  OK, o it is not a literal box (yet), but it should/will be.  I have quite a collection of "stuff" at this point, scrapbook papers, fabric, napkins, T-shirts, bits of jewelry....  As soon as I have some free time I'm going to organize all of these things!

I just wanted to show that you can/should look for inspiration everywhere!!

Happy Caking :)

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