Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Soccer Graduation Cake

So, I promise I have some tutorials and other things coming soon.  I finally have a few weeks off before my next big cake... but for now, here is the cake I made over the weekend!  It was a graduation cake for a soccer player!  The graduate plays goalie, so there are goalie gloves on there and the two logos are for his graduating high school and the school he will be attending in the fall.
The graduation cap is black gumpaste and the tassel I hand rolled the rope/tassel from yellow fondant (with tylose mixed in) and then painted with gold edible dust.
The Soccer Ball is cake too!  I used the Wilton Sports Ball pan.  I covered the cake with white fondant and then cut out the shapes from white and black fondant so the seams would look realistic.
I piped a goal with royal icing and then in honor of the graduate, the silhouettes are a kicker and a goalie catching a ball (cut out of black gumpaste)
 The gloves are rice crispy treats!  Covered in fondant with black fondant decorations.
 The school logos were painstakingly cut from different colors of fondant... including the letters.  Which is why a set of tappits are going on my next cake supply order!

 Well, I hope you enjoyed looking at yet another cake of mine! 

Happy Caking :)


  1. Wow! Beautiful!
    My brothers birthday is coming up.I'm thinking of making him a soccer cake because he loves soccer.He plays goalie so I'm going to try to make the glove.It's not gonna be easy though.This will be my first fondant cake! In excited about it tho!! ;)

  2. @sprocket Thank you very much! I was concerned about making the gloves, I typically find sculpting hands to be difficult. I studied lots of pictures of goalie gloves though, and they are pretty blocky and it was much easier than I thought it would be. I used rice cereal treats and just added a little at a time until I had the look I liked. I'm not sure if you have tried covering cereal treats with fondant before, but make sure you put a generous layer of buttercream (or I like I used, royal icing) so you don't see the bumps of the cereal. When you smooth your fondant you can just use a ball of fondant cupped in your hand... Good Luck!