Saturday, June 30, 2012

4th of July Firework Cupcakes!

I know that I've promised to post my next Craftsy review... but I made some adorable cupcakes that I wanted to share!  I wanted to make something fun, with decorations the kids can do, this was my test run...  (I'll be bringing all the different pieces with me when I visit family so the kids can make them!)
What's more "4th of July" than fireworks?!  So I made some fondant curly-cues to look like fireworks shooting out of the top!  And of course, to make them extra special I started with white cake and made them red white and blue!
I also added some patriotic sprinkles to the top, just to make them a little more festive, and add to the "firework" effect.  You would be surprised at how difficult it was to find red, white and blue sprinkles!  I went to 4 different stores (that is dedication!)- 2 grocery stores and 2 craft stores, finally finding them at the 2nd Michael's that I went to!  I ended up with the Wilton Patriotic Mix...
When I bake multicolor, layered cupcakes, I like to use the foil wrappers, then the colors are a surprise!
 AND... I even video taped the process, so I could put together a little "how-to" video on my YouTube channel!

(if you are a subscriber to my channel, you may have noticed multiple upload notifications in your inbox... I apologize, I had "issues" with YouTube because of the Public Domain music I chose to use in my video! Finally, think I got it figured out though!)

Oh... And as a bonus, here is a cute idea!  I've seen "cakes baked in mason jars" before and thought these layered cupcakes would be perfect baked into a petite mason jar!  What better way to transport a yummy dessert to your picnic and fireworks?!
I hope you enjoy your holiday!  My next post will be my next review of the Craftsy cake decorating classes!

Happy Caking:)

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