Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Strawberry Cake (Part Deux!)

So, yesterday I posted the recipe for my strawberry cake... having waited several weeks and not had the opportunity to photograph a finish cake/slice of cake I figured I would just post the recipe anyway.  However, just after I posted the recipe, I unexpectedly had some leftover icing/strawberry cake so I was able to slap something together to show everyone what the finished cake would look like!  Sooooo.... I was able to complete the video I had been editing.  I wasn't going to post the video without an example of the "finished product" but serendipitously I was able to finish the video and post it! 

That was a rather long-winded story for a simple explanation!  But, if you would like a visual demonstration of my scratch Strawberry Cake Recipe, take a gander at this:

(You can see my hands moving like I was talking, lol!  I was!  But when I uploaded the footage the blowers from the vent at my commercial kitchen were SO loud!  And my 2 year old was playing too loudly for me to voice over... so music with captions it is!)

Thanks for coming back for round two of this recipe!

Happy Caking :)

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  1. Will this cake hold fondant? I noticed you have it stacked (but not very high) and I'm trying to learn more about the science behind baking. This is a creaming method right which usually produce a lighter cake? Anyway, the reviews sound fantastic, and it looks amazing! Very difficult to find a yummy strawberry cake from scratch. Anyway, I need a good strawberry cake recipe that will hold fondant for a cake I have coming up very soon. Thanks, love your work!