Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pink & Purple Anemones Cake!

 Yesterday we had a party to celebrate my daughter's graduation from 8th grade!  She wanted something summery/springy.... so I went with a vibrant fushia color and a shimmery purple, accented with silver!

The anemones were actually a light blush pink and left over from another project.  To my make things easier on myself (with all the other party planning/prep I had to do) I chose to reuse and re-purpose a couple of these flowers.  So I re-dusted them with deep pink and a little purple.  I painted the edge of the petals and the centers silver to give them kind of a "jeweled" effect..  I actually started with the flowers and then designed the rest of the cake around them!
Our party was on the small side... so this pretty little cake was 8"-6"-4"!!  I wanted to do a tiered cake, even though we didn't have a large crowd to feed...  This little cake feeds about 40 people.  But it's still pretty and has the "impressive" look of a larger tiered cake.  So, as you can see, smaller cakes are still a good option for weddings/events where a tiered cake is desired but you don't have a lot of guests.

I don't know if I would do smaller than a 4" on top... the smaller the cake, the more difficult they get to work on... they just want to slide away!

Thanks for checking out my little cake!

Happy Caking :)

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